Lightfoils /`laɪt•fɔɪlz/ n a: Devices that generate lift by bending light. b: One of Chicago’s brightest new bands, pushing the Shoegaze genre into new territory. Formed in 2010 and recently signed to Saint Marie Records, the band is already generating heat, having played at SXSW in 2012 and opened for other interstellar bands like Ringo Deathstarr, Telescopes, Nightmare Air and Ume. 


Tone-bending guitarists Zeeshan Abbasi and Neil Yodnane stir up a mesmerizing haze, a wintry blizzard punctuated by occasional bright blasts of slashing chords. Things are firmly grounded by the propulsive and tight rhythm section of Cory Osborne on hypermagnetic bass and John Rungger on shimmering, bruising drums. Hovering above and shining through the fog is the angelic voice of Jane Zabeth. As a whole, the band’s music somehow occupies a place between storm and calm, with corridors of sound in-between. If reverie has a sound, this is it. Should you wake up or keep dreaming? They dangle either option in front of you, both just out of reach. Lightfoils have one eponymous EP, and their debut LP will be out in 2013. Amazing on record, stunning live, Lightfoils is a band to watch out for.