Minneapolis-based producer, performer and educator Leon J is a creative pioneer and a force in the electronic music community. With over 15 years of professional experience, Leon J has produced both remixed and original music that has been featured on Beatport, Crooklyn Clan and Crack 4 DJs.

An Ableton Certified Trainer and Product Specialist, Leon J serves as Vice President, Content Creator and Educator at electronic arts school and Ableton Certified Training Center Slam Academy. In addition, he stimulates eager minds as a faculty member of the Audio and Recording Arts program at the Minneapolis Media Institute. Specializing in mixing, mastering, remixing and DJ and performance techniques, Leon J’s well-rounded skill set provides a strong foundation of knowledge.

When outside of the studio or the classroom, Leon conducts in-person or online private lessons, Ableton-specific events and seminars and performs for national and international audiences. Recognized for his magnetic stage presence, Leon J’s passion is clear; every appearance leaves an unforgettable impression on his audience. With a deep love for music and its ability to transcend barriers, Leon maintains steadfast purpose and intent to inspire creativity; his dynamism, charisma and musical evolution continue to enthuse students and listeners on their journey through sound.