Lazy Scorsese’s full-length debut, Inemuri, will be released May 30, 2019. Inemuri (e-ne-muh-re) is a japanese term that directly translates to “sleeping while present” a concept lauded in Japanese culture with people taking naps at work or while in transit, as it infers how hardworking they must be. The band tweaks this idea by reflecting on how life passes by while we may be asleep to deeper undercurrents in life and parts of ourselves needing nourishment, through our relationships to nature, spirituality, love, and interconnection. These themes play throughout the album in a sonic blend of psychedelic-rock, funk, and pop.

"Lazy Scorsese are formidable mood makers with surplus depth...Their October EP Grigio stirs an abundance of moods — from dread to ennui to bliss" - Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages (10 MN Music Acts Poised to Pop in 2017)