Kristoff Krane (born Christopher M. Keller on November 2, 1983) is a multi-genre recording artist and instructor from the Twin Cities, MN. Krane is known for his erratic and eclectic style and stream-of-consciousness approach to writing, freestyling and performing. His discography includes fanfaronade (2012), Prey for Paralysis (with Sadistik, 2011), Picking Flowers Next To Roadkill and Hunting for Father (2010), This Will Work For Now (2008), a book entitled, The Other, as well as releases with Abzorbr, Saturday Morning Soundtrack, and Face Candy (the all-improv rap-jazz band with friend and mentor, Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen). 

Krane has toured internationally through-out Europe, as well as across the United States with Eyedea & Abilities, Sage Francis, Buck 65 and many others. As a teacher, he has worked in schools and programs across the state, implementing his creative-writing program called, "Wanna Be A Rapper?", as well as performance based and 1 on 1 workshops. Krane resides in Minneapolis with his wife and aside from music, works full-time as a youth advocate at a drop-in center for youth experiencing homelessness. He is currently working on new acoustic project with a release date unknown. He recently joined forces with friends and collaborators, No Bird Sing and Kill The Vultures forming a collective called FtoItoX. His signature/stamp: "I Freestyle Life". Krane holds a degree in Psychology from Concordia University of St Paul.