The Klituation is a dance party created by and for women, women-identifying, non-conforming, and queer women. Featuring an all women cast in music, fashion design, visual arts, and dance, The Klituation showcases the collective power of women in creative fields. Through this act of representation and resistance, it paves the way for future events created for and by a larger female identified base in the local music scene and beyond.

"This will be a night’s worth of proof of how vital women (and especially women of color) are to the Twin Cities music and arts community. "
- Michael Madden, City Pages 2017

"We keep hyping up these Klituation parties and it’s because they far exceed any hype.. It’s not something any fan of dance nights can miss"
-Tracy Oxford, Secrets of the City

"Paving the way for more platforms and safe spaces for women artists and fans."
-Jack Spencer, City Pages 2016

"a majestic party with an all-woman line-up"
-Cecilia Johnson