After going to college, growing plants, raising animals, rocking out, breaking up and falling apart Sean Keith returned home to St. Paul, MN and founded KING COLT. Keith started refining material written over the course of 8 years and met with recording engineer Dan Mariska to work on a full-length album. The songs that ended up on the album titled CONVENIENCE are personal meditations on platonic and romantic relationships, life doing work on small farms and a young person's struggle between idealism and apathy.

Sonically, KING COLT brings to mind the poetic yet tongue-in-cheek folk songwriting of John Prine and Leonard Cohen mixed with the rock/pop sounds of The Replacements, Built to Spill and Weezer. Keith performed vocals and guitars with bassist Ross Hackenmiller (Filthy Animals) and drummer Kevin Goff (The Crash Bandits) lending their skills to make up a formidable rhythm section.

As a solo act and group, KING COLT has performed at Kitty Cat Klub, Amsterdam Bar and Hall, Driftwood Char Bar and Moto-i. They have appeared with Filthy Animals, The Crash Bandits, Dan Mariska and the Boys Choir, The Grow Fangs, Crow Call and Ally Mattson. Currently, KING COLT is working on their second full-length album to be released in November of 2016.