When you go far enough south, the south stops being the south and the scenery transforms back from trailer park trash to suburban sprawl as you enter the southern tip of Florida. It’s no Williamsburg, but somehow culture seems to be on the upswing as you approach the equator - if you know where to look. Killmama is a testament to that new_new rebel shit.

Tracking up ‘Lost It (Take My Time)’ immediately shoves the big black boot to your throat. But somewhere between the Stripes-esque guitar and plummeting drums there’s a soft side; exhibit A-bridge. If you’ve lost your memory for riding around in that fat white van with drum gear bouncing around the back from venue to venue hoping to make enough gas money to get you to the next destination, than que up Killmama to relive the good days, you know, when you were reallllllly happy. Dig deep. [Andrew Prieto]