Kiings are Chris Siegel and Sean Foran, who describe themselves as "humble musical chemists, melding that which is fresh and that which is classic, yielding an ample dose of gray matter, catering a main course of that “new new” to a destitute scene". In addition, Kiings is a band that creates beautiful, complete compositions whose lushness bleeds into the space between sight and sound, between explanation and the possibility that a layer beyond what we can understand exists. Kiings is a band for whom experiential living translates into the utter feel of their music.

Having played with A-Trak, Sound Remedy, Trails and Ways, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, and more, with a major stage debut at the 2013 Summerfest, all while receiving support from radio and press at home and around the country, Kiings is a band on the rise. The band is currently preparing their debut record and playing select dates around the country.