Kenichi (Ken) Minami and Adam Aron Amram - the Brooklyn and Tokyo based duo known as Ken South Rock - have thrilled audiences around the world with their unique blend of Japanese and American rock and roll.

Adam and Ken began their first tour of Japan in March 2011, just three days before the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. They continued the tour despite the insistence of family and friends that they cut it short, their anthems of unity through rock and roll providing much needed inspiration and a musical escape for fans throughout Japan. Adam and Ken continued with a US tour and released their first LP - Volcano - with a 2012 tour of Japan and Taiwan. 2013 the brothers launched another world tour which included major festival appearances in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and US.

Ken South Rock performances -- equal parts intimate and intense -- are not to be missed. Clad in a red kimono, Ken commands the attention of the audience as he wields his electrified Hummingbird guitar as if a samurai sword. Adam, generally shirtless, pounds the drums to within inches of failure. Adam and Ken like to say they play as they did when they were children, and every bit of that energy is felt in their thrilled audiences. “Wow. Energy. Cat. Samurai. Growling. Feedback. Dynamic. Fuzz. Urgent. Powerful. Raw. Life. Rock.” 

Powerful, raw, life, rock. This is Ken South Rock.