Juke Nukem, a DJ/Producer with roots firmly planted in Texas during the bolstering DnB scene of the early 2000s, relocated to Minneapolis, MN in 2006. In 2011, he was introduced to juke/footwork by FreshtillDef and Moondoctor. Consequently, over the next year, he would submerge himself deep into the culture of footwork. From that time, he aided the two in the conception of Freshmoon Records, LLC., and continues to be an integral part in the further development of the label.

In 2013, he launched DISTRICT160, the collective dedicated to the worldwide advancement of the footwork culture. As a result, the proclaimed duke of Minneapolis juke, has since been inducted into TekkDJz. Founded by the late DJ Rashad and Traxman, TekkDJz is comprised of hand-picked DJs and producers from around the world who are committed to: “Saving the world from bad music.”

Leading into 2016, Juke accepted the role of student/intern at Slam Academy. As a graduate of the Ableton Masters Program, he would begin to manifest his dream of teaching. Alongside Leon J., Juke would lead several scratch classes during the DJ programs, establishing the framework to becoming Slam’s first scratch/DJ private instructor.

“This guy is so into the music its contagious. His finger work is fresh and fast. His timing is impeccable. And when he is off stage, he is at the edge of the dance floor close to the performers dancing and giving props. This guy lives and breathes beats and flow like no other.” —Ian Indo