Johnny Rey? Until now, the singer/guitarist’s biggest claim to musical fame over the last two decades has been as father to Paper Tiger of Doomtree. But in the late ’70s as the Longhorn Bar scene fomented in downtown Minneapolis, Rey was the bad-ass Springsteen-esque guitar foil to Robert Wilkinson in the always under-appreciated Flamingo, which laced Rolling Stones swagger with the amphetamine-fueled punk and power-pop of the day.

Flamingo was a ferocious and influential live band, with Wilkinson and Rey trading guitar fury on such pogo-worthy classics as “I’m the Gun,” “Smart Girl,” “Looking for a Kiss” and “I Remember Romance,” and, in so doing, cementing their status as one of rock’s great lost live bands. [...] At Wilkinson’s encouragement, Rey started writing material for Flamingo, which ultimately morphed into The Flamin’ Ohs. When he discovered he had a knack for songwriting, Rey lit out on his own, formed Johnny Rey & the Reaction, made a record and broke up the band. That was 1985. [Jim Walsh]

The new Johnny Rey band played its first show Aug 25, 2013. Look for a new full length CD and more shows for the band.