Though they weren’t writing about themselves, these original song lyrics by The Jensen Sisters couldn’t describe the duo more perfectly. The place Kendra and Kansas Jensen feel most like themselves is in front of a crowd, lost in their song lyrics. Whether it’s a cover or an original, the perfectly-blended voices of these young singers get inside of you and somehow take you with them. At just 15 and 18 years of age, these small-town, free-spirited sisters are hitting the highway destined for bigger things. But is it destiny? Or simply their desire and determination that’s taking them places.....

With a population of less than 200 people, Goodridge, Minnesota, is home to The Jensen Sisters. It’s the place that has built their strong foundation; it’s also the place that gave them their first stage. Nervous and unsure, Kendra and Kansas entered their high school talent show two years ago. Never having sang in public, and taking the crowd by complete surprise, they debuted with “Good Hearted Woman” by Waylon Jennings. The faucet was officially turned on and good things started pouring out.

With many icons in the country and rock music industry, the sisters started getting booked and noticed. Their multi-genre shows were a hit with crowds and they quickly made a name for themselves. Around here, you know The Jensen Sisters. And if you aren’t from around here? Chances are you still know them. The highway has taken them near and far, and there’s no end in sight because they are making sure every road leads to another.

At this point in their lives, their calendars contain a lot of ink. With balancing high school and college classes, and also booking numerous shows per month, the girls also host a weekly radio show and just recently launched a new clothing collection with Simply Boutique. The Jensen sisters couldn’t feel more thankful they’ve come this far and have so many opportunities to be a part of. One of those opportunities came in a rare form.

Among musicians from all over the country, the place to play is The Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee. Responsible for the fame of Kathy Mattea and Garth Brooks, for starters, the famous café is a venue most only dream of playing. That opportunity mentioned above? It was the day Kendra and Kansas played for a live crowd at the one and only Bluebird Café. Kendra and Kansas took the stage at the world renowned listening room and sang an original song. Of it, they said it was an amazing atmosphere and one they will never forget.

The road back home gave the sisters time to reflect on what it was they wanted and where they wanted to go. From that point forward, there would be no stage too small. Playing at numerous festivals throughout this year, they also play for a cause, performing at many charity events including Trash the Dress, Relay for Life, Trails to Treatments and Project Runway, to name a few.

From street fairs to state fairs…
From pioneer villages to park gazebos…
From coffee houses to bars and restaurants…The Jensen Sisters aren’t stopping. In fact, more doors just keep opening.

Around here, we know and love the Jensen Sisters. Their voices easily deliver country, rock, grit, soul or sweet lyrics into this melting pot and we can’t get enough of it. With The Jensen Sisters, their roots go deep, their branches go high, and it’s easy to see their dreams are getting chased.

-Kari Sundberg, Grygla Eagle Newspaper Editor (updated 1/01/2019)