Jasmine Tate, 21 years old, is a neo-soul-indie artist based out of Pittsburgh, PA. While she grew up in Columbus, OH, moving to Pittsburgh as a student-athlete turned out to be her open door into music. She came into college with a basketball in her hand and left the university after graduating (with a degree in corporate communication) with a six-string on her back. Although she began performing only three years ago, she’s moving into the music scene with quite the force. With roots in gospel music and a recent passion for the indie and singer/songwriter scene, she’s cultivated a soulful sound that some would compare to the sultry sounds and rhythms of Lauryn Hill. Songs like “Justice Shouts” and “Believer” have served as anthems of justice across the nation for human sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

Jasmine has been given a voice in several spheres of society. This voice reaches the people sitting on a church pew inside the four walls of the church in the same way she grabs the hearts of the untouchables in the streets waiting for hope. She is always looking to use music as a means to inspire and encourage her generation to think, love, and move deeply. Whenever Jasmine isn’t blasting the message of justice with a six-string in her hand, she’s looking for other ways to bring justice to issues like – human sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and the nation’s epidemic of broken homes – on her campus, in her community, and in her nation. In other cases, you’ll here anthems of love, hope and sometimes the realities of life as she experiences them. Jasmine looks to use music as a means to inspire and encourage her generation to think, love, and move deeply. She holds the belief that there’s a renaissance happening within the arts that may just be the thing that could change the course of an entire generation, so she continues to steward her sound and write lyrics that tell the story of hope and call her generation to action.