Janelle & The Gentlemen were formed in Nashville, TN in early 2014. They play rock-n-roll with a heavy blues influence. Their music isn't crafted by a business model or written in a room that resembles a cubicle, it comes from the life experiences of singer/songwriter Janelle Faiman. The combination of her tempestuous lyrical content, the noticeably fervent quality that emerges from both her voice and her statuesque 6-foot presence onstage, and The Gentlemen's equally fiery need to express themselves through their music, makes any room feel too small.

Front woman Janelle Faiman, originally from rural Minnesota, moved to Nashville after college and immersed herself in the singer/songwriter scene. Never feeling quite fulfilled in those circles, she yearned for the unity, collaboration, and creativity that comes from the dynamic of a group. Using her presence, lyrics, and voice as her medium, she is now backed by The Gentlemen's powerful sound. In 2014, The Gentlemen were assembled. Janelle & The Gentlemen play with a dirty, devoted quality that is both magnetic and gritty.