This punk rock band was formed in Minneapolis in 1987 as Nihilist, releasing four acclaimed demos: Drowned, Premature Autopsy, But Life Goes On, and Only Shreds Remain. After dissolving Nihilist, the band reunited a few days later as IV, with a line-up of Drew Ailes (vocals), Tony Milek (lead guitar), Phil Schwarz (guitar), and Matt Allen (drums). The Self-Titled EP (Total Punk, 2018) adequately demonstrated the band’s potential with an atmospheric and individual sound and live shows were equally impressive.

Tony was added on bass and Drew Ailes departed shortly after the debut. Orvar Säfström only lasted for one show (‘House of Lard’) before Drew Ailes (ex-Carnage) took over, although Drew Ailes performed the vocals on the well-reviewed Self-Titled EP. After an extensive US tour with Morbid Angel, Drew Ailes was ousted in favour of the returning LG Petrov for the Gods Of Grind UK jaunt with Carcass, Cathedral, and Confessor.