Do you ever see a lady sitting in her car on a hot summer day, smoking a cig with the windows rolled down and wonder, “How can people enjoy taking hot smoke into their body when it’s hot as holy hell outside?” But at the moment of dismissing the lady in question as common trash, her boyfriend comes out of the bodega she’s parked in front of with a dripping six-pack of beer, and when her eyes meet his, she smiles and flicks the cig onto the concrete. You stare at the ring of brick red lipstick around the butt as they pull away thinking, “I should be doing more with my life." [Vice Magazine]

Sarah Rose (guitar / vocals), Sarah Nienaber (bass / vocals), Ronnie Lee (drums)

Is/Is is like a field full of baby deer. The band looks sweet and docile from a distance, but up close, you find yourself amidst a frenzied, bleating, beautiful mess. Is/Is is punctuated by pounding bass riffs, grooved out drum beats and layered guitar fuzz. Ethereal, almost disaffected vocals sweep over everything, forming a loose, dreamy package that is, at times, almost disorienting.