Hydrah is a Los Angeles-based electronic music composer, vocalist, and classically trained cellist and pianist. Led by her powerfully indelible vocals, Hydrah's emotionally charged yet melodic, driving sound is most inspired by house and techno genres. The unusual combination of her training and influences culminate in an unforgettable stage performance of live vocals, keys, launch pads, and synths.

Hydrah's most formative experiences, however, stemmed from her work in conservation. After earning a bachelor's degree in biology, Hydrah developed a deep reverence for nature through her work in the field. Of all the beauty she experienced, the sounds were what left the strongest impression on her musical ears.

In her spring and summer 2018 releases, Hydrah has artfully included scientifically sampled sounds from the Pacific Ocean, redefining what an electronic composition can be. As she tours the U.S., Europe and Latin America with her new, club-inspired set, Hydrah plans to donate a portion of ticket sales to ocean conservation organizations. It's her way of blending her passions: inspiring both environmental change and the desire to dance.