“Hunting Club are more than the sum of their inspirations or techniques. Within one song the band can doodle in sparse terrain, then erupt into a crowded, speaker-blowing intensity. They can bring you to the depths of sorrow, and then rescue you with tones of hope. Add it all up, and Hunting Club become a beautiful and complex animal, defying any stereotype, and you realize it's more enjoyable just to listen than to dissect." [Erin Roof, City Pages]

"Hunting Club have come on strong with their debut Pretty/Ugly EP. 'Deep Sea Diver' which has the warm and encompassing orchestration and fragile aesthetic not unlike Grizzly Bear, finds the band creating a tender song that never feels forced or weak and is a testament to their strong songwriting. " [Culture Bully]

"An excuse-free exercise in songwriting...with touches of Annuals cantankerousness, Brian Wilson harmonies, and post-shoegazer incredulousness. It’s a wicked mess so good I’m compelled to oil my rifle and sit in a tree stand all night in hopes of proving my worth to the club." [Perfect Porridge]