Hotelecaster is a rock music group formed in Minneapolis in 2013 comprised of vocalist/guitarist Kevin Scott (Warehouse Eyes), guitarist Charlie Ward (Dear Data, Clustercuss), bassist Marc Zazzaro (Grammar), and drummer Stephen Lindquist (We Are The Willows, Red Fox Grey Fox).

Growing up playing music together in Saint Paul, Scott and Ward began to form their ideas about music after being exposed to a wide range of Twin Cities groups such as Halloween, Alaska; Malachi Constant; Happy Apple; and Heiruspecs.

Scott’s quirky pop melodies and affinity for groove counter Ward’s spastic and anxious guitar parts to give Hotelecaster a compelling personality. This dynamic is especially evident in their live shows, with noisy expanses of chaos and cacophony giving way to tense and delicate interludes that seem ready to fall apart at any moment. Their debut recording, Farther Fewer EP, as well as a digital single, Preset 3, were released in February 2015.