Born and bred in New York City, Hollis Brown embarked on a pilgrimage to Nashville to capture their authentic sound. They shacked up for two weeks in the backyard cabin/studio of producer Adam Landry (Deer Tick, Diamond Rugs), and found themselves. They recorded everything live to analog tape, creating a warm, vintage sound that displayed the band's explosive live energy. The tapes from those sessions caught the ear of renowned psychedelic/blues label Alive Naturalsound Records, creating an ideal home for the resulting album. Ride On The Train, the ten song collection from the band's pilgrimage, saw its release in March 2013.

SPIN writes "Hollis Brown make music that sounds just as alive today as it would've in 1966 and will 40 years from now." This should come as no surprise, as principal songwriters Mike Montali (vocals) and Jon Bonilla (lead guitar) grew up listening to the classics. These native New Yorkers were born in the late '80's when the city was identified by its grit, passion, and authenticity. The combination of an urban upbringing and throwback musical influences of traditional blues contributed heavily to the band's sound. However, contrary to most blues-influenced bands, Hollis Brown leans heavily toward melodic pop as well. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Beatles song these boys don't know by heart, and you can hear it in the music.

2012 was a memorable year. They toured extensively, appearing at national festivals and supporting acts such as Lucero and Deer Tick. They released Nothing & The Famous No One, their critically-lauded EP, and recorded a popular Daytrotter session. They signed to Alive. This momentum has carried over to 2013, and with the release of their debut LP Ride On The Train, this year is poised to be a breakthrough. Classic rock with a New York state of mind, Hollis Brown is a throwback to an era when music felt fresh, songwriting was revered, and performances routinely inspired.