Hiponymous is a crew of two, comprised of Renée Copeland and Genevieve Muench. With an ever-evolving aesthetic, the duo is committed to making work that values community, social justice, and queer/feminist representations.

Hiponymous' signature choreography delivers simultaneously subconscious and overt approaches to unison and punctuation of movement through rhythm. We create unpredictable pockets in performance, where inventive impulse and phrasing bring a gritty utility to our storytelling. Tonal dramatic shifts roll through the body like mercury, dancing the range from humor to horror.

We make dances the way life often feels: complex with bodies that experience a world of adversity and complicity, and perhaps we make dances that reveal how we would like to choreograph our lives: full of consensuality, deep, radical friendships, humor, real equity, good food and of course, ice cream.