In 2016, Steve Dupuis (guitar in The Rakes, The Blue Mollies, Trompe Le Monde, etc...) found himself writing a bunch of songs inspired in equal parts by the insane political environment, personal stories and just plain rock & roll, Steve was left with a whole lotta demos and in need of a band.

Steve approached Mark Devaraj (High On Stress, The Red Flags, WRRC Mpls, etc...) to play drums, Emily Dupuis (The Blue Mollies, The Bottlehouse) to play keys and sing back up, Jon Sawyer (The Rakes, Rob Stealcheat, etc...) for bass and Grant Eull (Detroit, Manplanet, Frizzle Fry, etc...) to round up the lineup on guitar.

After finding nobody who would be willing to sing, Dupuis decided reluctantly to just do it himself. Now, with a few months of practice and some songs recorded as a band, The Heavy Sixers are ready to bring these songs to the people. Influences can be heard in varying degrees from some classic rock & roll sounds of the '60s and '70s to the college rock of the '80s and '90s.