Just when you were beginning to think the future of underground music belonged to MicroKorgs and looped nonsense, Nashville’s Heavy Cream are back with a new album to remind you that the two and a half minute rock and roll blast is alive and well. The new album (recorded by Eric Bauer and Ty Segall in San Francisco) doesn’t have a song longer than three minutes, but every track on Super Treatment packs the garage punk punch Heavy Cream created on 2010’s Danny and then some. Formed in 2009, the band features Jessica MacFarland (vocals), Tiffany Minton (drums) and Mimi Galbierz (guitar). Super Treatment might be better titled the Segall Treatment with songs like "’79" and "Prison Shanks" clear examples of the bands decision to soak their songs in distortion and fuzz. If Super Treatment is any indication of what the future holds for Heavy Cream, don’t expect to catch them playing your neighborhood dive bar much longer.


"If Those Darlins are the kinda Tennessee gals that tipped cows, went road-trippin’, drank moonshine, and listened to Waylon Jennings and Jason and the Scorchers, then Heavy Cream are their garage-rock sisters that smoked cigarettes in the bathroom, made out under the bleachers, and listened to The Stooges and Jay Reatard. Each band has a dude in the fold, but who really cares, amirite?! OK, OK, just kidding, bros. Nashville’s Heavy Cream explode with fast, short, exuberant bursts of garage rock." [MOKB]