Flush with simmering sexuality and irresistible dance pulse, Brooklyn-based Hank & Cupcakes are the coalescence of rock without guitars and pop without synthesizers. Hailing from Tel Aviv, the duo consist of powerhouse vocalist/drummer Cupcakes and bassist/pedal board magician Hank. Named in reference to Charles “Hank” Bukowski and one of his real-life lovers "Cupcakes," they have been honing their explosive live performances in front of audiences since they arrived just a few years ago.

Fully realized now, the show is a raucous bash, where the mesmerizing Cupcakes stands to bang her drum kit only breaking the beat to catalyze a dance party with the crowd. Last August, Hank & Cupcakes recorded their debut album Naked with Swedish producer Ludwig Boss at the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin where landmark records from U2, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, R.E.M. & many more were made. The debut album along with a B-Side EP is available on iTunes. Hank & Cupcakes are currently on a break from touring as they write & record their 2nd album Cash for Gold. The first single 'Countdown' is out on iTunes and the full album is expected in the summer of 2014.