GRRRL PRTY is a celebration of femininity and unsheathed swagger featuring three of most innovative voices in hip-hop this decade. The Spitfire Poet Sophia Eris, percussive Hellion Manchita, and Southern Rapstress Lizzo defy ideals and create an undeniable gritty, unapologetic sound. GRRRL PRTY's upcoming album showcases versatility from lilting double-time flow to bold anthemic vocal performances and features in-your-face production from Red Velvet Beats, 2% Muck, Last Triumph, and more. Alongside DJ-duo, DJ Lanae & The Hot Pants (aka Mari Lanae), and DJ Clean Drop (aka Quinn Wilson) GRRRL PRTY delivers a sizzling live show. GRRRL PRTY is infectious and leaves listeners feverish for more. You're invited to GRRRL PRTY. Get it.