Grime Dogg (or 'The Dogg' as they are affectionately know to their fans, who call themselves 'pups') is a band from the town of Anacortes, on the Fidalgo island, just northwest of Seattle, WA. Their sound has been described as grunge, though the band has always envisioned their sound as more of a sonic, communal reflection for their intense love of basketball, and their immense hatred of corporations. Founding members Jerikko, Timber and Blake Emboid (the band's mystical lyricist, who's been compared to England's prophetic poet William Blake; no relation) met as children, exploring their island together, foraging for native delicacies and jamming at the local rec on the basketball court.

Once their initial set of cassette recordings made it down to Seattle radio, the Northwestern public was hooked. However, due to one of the member's tropophobia, or fear of leaving one's hometown, the show going public had to make their way to the small island the band called home. And come they did. The Dogg was known for putting on legendary live shows for the many thousands that ferried their way to Anacortes, showcasing a rock veracity never before seen which included interaction and props such as black water scuba pits, live jump shot practice and seapa circles. This lasted until another member was diagnosed with topophobia, otherwise known as stage fright (the close in spelling coincidence of the two phobias has not been lost on the band).

The Dogg had lost its bark and darkness ensued. It has been said the yearly average of rainfall has doubled every year on Fidalgo island since the boys have been on hiatus. However, just recently, both members have been cured of their phobias by a figure the band will only describe as their 'neo shaman'. With this new found freedom, and advice from their spirit-guider, the band has decided to play their first show in years this Halloween, at the Turf Club in Mpls/St Paul. Joined live by second cousins Slade and Jodi Rivers, known in the Northwest as the hard rocking Kissing Cousins, Grime Dogg has never been tighter or more dangerous. Get ready to throw your paws in the air young pups. The Dogg is back in business.