Formed in 2010, The Great SOCIO is a four-piece Alternative/Groove/Rock band from the Philadelphia region. Their socio-sound is built of crushing bass/ drum rhythms, poetic lyrics and a wide array of custom synth tones. Their dedicated front-man dons a top hat - mustache combo like no other. His passion for entertaining and wooing every crowd parallels their biggest influences like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Doors and Rage Against the Machine. With a growing reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the Philadelphia area, The Great SOCIO questions tradition and offers listeners a glimpse into the future of Rock 'n' Roll Music.

Constantly looking to expand, TGS uses its iconic 'scream logo' as a key element of their branding and marketing strategy. Since the release of their 2nd EP, Modern Grip in April 2013, the band has sold and distributed over 2,000 CDs including exclusive samplers and singles. Since they began traveling they've given more than 160 live performances at venues through their region from NYC, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Ohio and the Carolinas. In the anticipation of Modern Grip, fans backed The Great SOCIO's Kickstarter campaign to a generous total which stretched over $8,000.

Members of TGS live together where they write and rehearse in a quaint yet bustling little town within the city limits of Philadelphia. The development of their signature sound was evolved through years of work in previous projects. The concept title, "The Great SOCIO" is an inspiration pertaining to people both past and present. The idea is that The Great SOCIO is larger than the band and the music. It is made up of all the people that become a part of it.