Grand Demise of Civilization began in 2008 as a four-piece, formed with members who had played in a previous band, Necromis, together since the early 1990s. Grand Demise released one album in 2009 titled Black Goat Apocalypse, comprised of seven songs collectively written together by all members of the band. With the release of Black Goat Apocalypse and playing select shows, Grand Demise of Civilization had quickly built a name for themselves; but in late 2009, the band broke up due to outside interferences and obligations.

In early 2012, guitar player and vocalist, Crotalus Kraahl (credited as J), began taking a previously unreleased song written by the band and organize it with a collection of new and older material written by himself and created a new album, The Repent of the Sentient Being. Along with previous Grand Demise of Civilization guitar player and vocalist, Svart Onde (credited as Jensen), J arranged, programmed, and recorded one 43 minute track of epic Hell Metal to create a new brand of Grand Demise of Civilization.

Beginning in 2017, Grand Demise of Civilization is a full band again, with J (now using real name of Jason Notebaart) adding long-time friend and former Necromis band member, Dan Lerach, on guitars and vocals, and Jenson (now going by full name of Shawn Jensen) switching to bass guitar and vocals. Then finally, adding drummer, Patrick Ruhland, to the mix, giving the band a well-rounded group of musicians. Grand Demise of Civilization is a blend of black metal and melodic compositions, with no true lead vocalist, but all three musicians up front share all vocal duties, switching lead parts during songs and doing triple vocal effects live, giving their own take on an aggressive metal brand called Hell Metal.