Bass, guitar, drums. Goulden Balls strip funk music back to its organic roots. Mark Erickson, Jeff Ham, Martin Dosh: One of the best rhythm sections in Minneapolis before they play a single note, Goulden Balls is a power trio in the funky town, where tight arrangements and bottomless grooves illustrate the potential of friendship and collaboration.

Erickson and Ham were musical partners throughout the 1990s, with The Curbfeelers and Detroit defining a specific kind of anarchic funk and rock couched in spectacle and humor. Dosh and Erickson together anchored the work of Fog and The Cloak Ox and others throughout the 2000s until the present day, developing a shared vocabulary of powerful musical gesture.

Now performing original funk compositions, these three Goulden Balls will reintroduce you to the power of deep feeling and rhythm.