Good Doom is a psychedelic/low-fi music group, consisting of members Tony, Pat and Gage. Inspired equally by Broadcast, Stereolab, Pram, the Space Lady, Pink Floyd and Can (to name a few), the band is currently developing their fourth release. 2017 saw many memorable performances for the group, which has opened for modern psych luminaries such as Kikagaku Moyo and Mild High Club.

Their first release, Naps, came out on New Years of 2016. This EP was an exploration in guitars, reverb, and vintage Italian keyboards. Shortly after that came the Hug EP, which featured more dissonance and distorted mania. The latest release, New Shapes for You, out on Forged Artifacts in March 2017, is the most cohesive to date. Each of the ten songs or "shapes" feature different combinations of low-fi sounds and charming melodies - perfect for tuning in and dropping out to.