San Antonio’s Girl In A Coma have left a permanent tattoo on the hearts of music lovers with their piercing songs and nuclear performances. They’ve blazed a singular trail since Nina Diaz joined the band at age 13 and have found champions and comrades along the way including Joan Jett who signed them, Morrissey, Sia, Tegan and Sara, The Pogues and Amanda Palmer who have hand selected them for tours. In addition, Robert Rodriguez asked them to compose one of the key songs for his film Machete last year. All the while, they have been building one of the most impassioned and diverse fan bases in music.

Girl in a Coma are that rare feral band, unaffected by trends, that has managed to stay wild and thrill us at every turn. Their latest album, Exits & All the Rest, was released in late 2011 on Blackheart Records, and is the most heart-stopping turn yet. Last year the album was named to NPR's list of Top 50 Albums of they year and won the Independent Music Award for Best Indie/Alt. Rock Album in 2012.