Geoffrey is a performer, composer and generally creative brain recently relocated to Minneapolis after 14 amazing years in New York. He has degrees in Music Composition and Performance from Bard College(what not a conservatory?!), and has studied Music Therapy in the Graduate department at NYU. His musical roots are in Jazz, Soul, Rhythm and Blues. The last 7 years his songwriting and performing career has been mostly focused on Folk, Americana and American Roots music.

Recently he's been exploring the intersection of these two broad yet deeply related genres, and how they can manifest in contemporary pop, dance, hip hop, RnB and more broadly "Indie" music genres. Geoffrey works primarily in Ableton and Pro Tools, and enjoys mixing acoustic instrumental recordings, ambient sounds, weird objects and toys from his collections with pro quality midi instruments and an array of electronic sounds. He is probably that annoying guy you know always singing some ditty under his breath at the grocery store or whistling softly to himself in the library.