Geoffrey Lamar Wilson is a musician and composer. Born and raised in Minnesota, he left home at 18 for New York for college and adventure. After finishing a music degree in Jazz Saxophone and composition, he gave up the instrument and at 24 decided to learn some basic guitar and become a singer songwriter while also pursuing a masters in Music Psychotherapy. He moved to Brooklyn and from there led the band Jus Post Bellum with his now wife Hannah. A band which some described as “indie folk” or “Historical Fiction”, touring the east coast, south, and midwest over the course of 5 years while recording several records.

In recent years since returning to Minneapolis in 2016, his songwriter work has shifted from dusty Post Bellum narratives to contemporary issues spanning the American Civil Rights era to current incidents of racial violence and police brutality. He draws inspiration from the simple musicality, cutting wit and lyricism of Bob Dylan, the stark narratives and brutal honesty of James Baldwin, and a childhood steeped in Soul, Funk, and R&B.

He also composed and recorded themes for several MPR/APM radio podcasts including 74 Seconds (Investigating the Philando Castile Shooting), Flyover (w/Kerri Miller), and in 2019 he toured a handful of U.S cities with live performances of the hit podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking, with Nora McInerny, which he wrote the theme music for. Most recently he’s dusted off his saxophones and is working on new multi layered solo saxophone project tentatively titled Geo Mar Ilso.