When asked “What do you spin?” Minneapolis artist, Craig Lambert (aka Focus) has always answered “Records.”

Craig started collecting records over 40 years ago and has spent nearly three decades passionately sharing those records and his love of music with dance floors across the Midwest. Through hundreds of club, lounge, and warehouse appearances, Craig and his crew, The Disco Devils, have carved a unique niche in the crowded, competitive DJ culture. With his simple “2 turntables and a mixer” approach to DJing and his vast knowledge of music history, Craig is able to seamlessly weave the old with the new, creating cohesive sets spanning multiple genres and generations.

With a “focus” on the roots of modern dance music from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, Craig’s collection of 12” singles is world class. Before each gig he spends hours browsing his archives, pulling hundreds of potential candidates for the upcoming session. He ultimately whittles the selections down to a few crates of records that will allow him to create a unique musical experience, custom tailored to each event.

Music production, a study that began for him over twenty years ago, has now moved to the forefront with live performances and releases under the moniker “MMC” (aka Midnight Music Club). Craig’s timeless yet distinctly “old school” sound is reminiscent of early Chicago and Detroit pioneers, with a blend of deep house, techno and electro that is uniquely his own.

2017 saw the vinyl release of his first published work on Chicago’s “Descendants of the Deep” label. In 2018 he is honored with a forthcoming solo EP on Headphoniq, another highly regarded Chicago publisher where he is label mates with some of the most respected producers in underground dance music history.