Daniel Fiskum’s music exists on the fragile borderline between popular music and non-commercial music. Fiskum is a songwriter and essayist whose original Dark Sound music appropriates the tropes and clichés of pop music and repurposes them with a sharp, granular, electrified voice. Fiskum’s new recording Like Blood for Music is produced by Simon Husbands. It evokes dark places and hopelessness; sexual co-dependency, bondage and addiction; melancholy, and ultimately, triumph through authentic self-expression. 

Fiskum writes cinematic lyrics. He writes angular melodies with emotional depth. His music is influenced by Chaos Magic and Third Stream, emphasizing dense guitars over noise and sonic washes. His compositions are pop-like, textured sound environments that send the listener into an alternative world of noise, subversion and mysticism. Fiskum believes that belief itself is an active magical force, and that any musical paradigm can be used to bring about valid results and positive change. Fiskum believes that music, when performed honestly and with authentic conviction, can bring about mystical knowledge or illumination. Fiskum has a Master’s degree in music and studied at New England Conservatory. He has performed extensively and his records have been in rotation on radio stations throughout the United States. 

Fiskum’s new book is entitled Lyrics Like Bullets, Music Like Blood. It is a collection of essays inspired by the songs on Like Blood for Music, published by Galde Press, Inc.