Basking in the rays of anthematic sunshine, hovering over California’s Mojave Desert, you might hear some dulcet tones escaping from an old Winnebago RV parked alongside a Joshua Tree or two. Inside you'll likely find New Zealand expat and Black English singer, Bradley Hanan Carter, working on his new musical project, FAUX PRIX.

Naturalized as an American citizen in 2016 and burned out on music, Carter left LA for a house in the desert and opted to travel far and wide moonlighting as a traveling salesman. As his rear view quickly filled up with tens of thousands of miles, conversations with locals from all walks of life, and serendipitous encounters, he found himself asking many questions of his second homeland.

After a colorful month spent in a Berlin spring, the music began to flow back, along with a new realization that questions are so much more powerful than answers. This epiphany inspired Carter’s inaugural collection of songs for FAUX PRIX that will be titled, From Metric To Imperial. FAUX PRIX ~ meaning, we can spend so much energy in pursuit of something just to find out nothing is ever as it seems [fake-prize].

Carter will be performing for the first time as FAUX PRIX on tour supporting Reuben And The Dark this Spring.