Minneapolis, MN, a city known for great bands like Husker Du, Soul Asylum and The Jets, has cultivated an entire new generation of up-and-coming artists full of talent. Something about the cold winters and abundance of cheap liquor has helped create a clan of mad scientists like the musicians that have somehow infiltrated the city. Secretly, members of several currently active great Minneapolis bands have started a new project.


After initially going by pseudonyms based on Harrison Ford characters from movies, and clad in ski masks at their live shows, Farewell Continental has since opened up about the band members' identities. The band is known for being the side-project of Motion City Soundtrack frontman, Justin Pierre. Farewell Continental has embarked on a new musical endeavor that strays from their other bands yet maintains the tradition of "mediocre" song writing. The band's songs are layered with feedback and noise, yet the vocal hooks punch through at regularly predictable intervals. Influenced by Velocity Girl, Pavement, Swervedriver, the Pixies and fueled entirely by the delicious taste of bacon, Farewell Continental make a considerate nod to 90's indie rock, but never go as far as aping their influences (depends on who you ask, of course). Pressed on a square picture disc, the band's first EP is the definition of shoegaze for the modern audience. Also released is the band's second EP, the appropriately titledEP #2, which is featured on a one-sided 12" with a silk-screened B-side and is available in four different variants, as well as the band's first full-length, Hey, Hey Pioneers!