Relentless. Intense. Powerful. These are words all commonly used to describe Minneapolis based Black Metal collective, False. Formed in 2010, the group have steadily worked their way onto the national and international radar for Metal and independent music through intensive touring and a small, yet well received back catalogue. Their debut full length effort, 2015's "Untitled", was met with critical acclaim which included being ranked among the best albums of 2015 by Pitchfork, Decibel Magazine and other outlets; an impressive feat for any band, let alone for a band's first full-length. With their passion for their art being blindingly evident in their live shows, False show no signs of slowing down, or losing sight of what they aim to create and what they aim to tear down.

"One of extreme music's most divisive and yet at once magnetic subgenres, black metal is as musically steeped in complexity as it is in the simplicity of its form. False reckon brilliantly with both halves of this equation." - Pitchfork

"False makes bracing black metal that, just when it seems like the band won't release its claws from your throat, suddenly drops you into the void." - NPR

"Absolutely worth the wait, "Untitled" is a vertiginous meisterwerk of outsider Metal." - Decibel Magazine

"False flawlessly create music that is unforgiving, relentless, and often miles ahead of you." - Consequence of Sound

"False wrap themselves around the music like two vipers copulating, showing off some rather bold ideas and concepts..." - Cvlt Nation