Brian Vanderwerf, guitarist/vocalist for the Estrus Records band, The Midnight Evils and the celebrated Chooglin' (Fat Possum/Big Legal Mess Records), has put together an American Rock & Roll pickin' and singin' ensemble, Eleganza! A 3-guitar attack featuring Vanderwerf and Chooglin' bandmates, Jeff Johnson and Paul Wells. Also on board is Greg McAloon on bass, Tim Baumgart on drums and August Varvig on harmonica. Things happen when you hear and SEE Eleganza! You've been warned.

Eleganza! is one of the best new rock 'n' roll bands in Minneapolis, if not the best. It was born by necessity mere months ago from the ashes of bands past and an urgency from extraordinary frontman Brian Vanderwerf, who you may know as guitarist/vocalist for the Midnight Evils, the celebrated Chooglin' and the Huckleberrys. Eleganza! is a three-guitar attack featuring Vanderwerf and Chooglin' bandmates Jeff Johnson (also of Popcycle, The Jets) and Paul Wells, with Greg McAloon (Glenrustles and Ol' Yeller) on bass. Tim Baumgart (Wizards Are Real, Kruddler and Party Ready) is on drums and August Varwig plays harmonica and vocals. [Gimme Noise 1/9/13]