Creating a blend of rock, indie folk and soul, Edie Rae brings personality, power and passion to her music. Singer/songwriter Edie Rae pens songs garnered from the fabric of every day life. “I write about what I know - experiences and the things I’m going through at the time. I’ve come to a place with my music where the creation of songs and finding a voice for my crazy ruminations is a really incredibly fascinating journey. “

After many years of singing and performing in cover bands, Edie began the exploration of writing original songs. “I was always the person who thought and spoke in lyrics. It took a really long time for me to understand that I had the ability and talent to write for myself. It’s crazy, but I now DREAM songs!” Dubbed "Mighty Mouse" by the late, great Captain Jack McDuff, Edie brings powerful vocal prowess and emotional movement to her performances.