Imagine if modern, guitar-driven alternative rock was birthed in Depression-era Kansas. That’s The Dust of Men. The sound of this gritty five-piece band from Eau Claire, Wisconsin has been described as being “built on an aggressive foundation of alternative rock, framed in with folk, and roofed with revival music.” Their debut album, What the Morning Shows, was recorded in August 2013 at Justin Vernon's (Bon Iver) April Base studio.

After spiraling out of control and hitting rock bottom in 2005—battling severe addictions and depression—songwriter Grant Schultz embarked on his personal journey from darkness to light. As his life transformed over the next several years, he found his voice as a powerful preacher and worship leader. During that time, he also met the other four men who would join him to become The Dust of Men. In the fall of 2012, Schultz began writing songs that expressed the emotional depth of his journey. Over the next year, he holed himself up for hours at a time in an old upstairs projector room in the historic downtown theater his church calls home and crafted the songs that tell the story of What the Morning Shows.

The Dust of Men is clearly on this journey together, their hauntingly powerful instrumentation standing shoulder to shoulder with Schultz’s soaring vocals and refined storytelling. This is passionate and contagiously spiritual music. It appeals to the core of what it means to be human: the questions, the struggle, and the hope.