Formed in 1990 in Uptown Minneapolis. Tom Duclos & Chris Rowland - knowing in advance the name "Dumpster Juice" would never leave the memory or taste buds of anyone who had ever stumbled across the stuff - called upon drummer John Bigelow. After consulting with Duclos & Rowland over large quantities of alcohol the decision was made to hold an abrupt practice at Bigelows brother Kevin's Uptown apartment. Duclos, Rowland, John Bigelow & Kevin Bigelow became Dumpster Juice. In June 1992 drummer Todd Petterson answered an ad Dumpster Juice left at the drum shop he just happened to be working at and within a week Todd learned the entire collection.

Current members: Rowland (Vocals), Todd Petterson (Drums), Steve Post (Bass), Kevin Bigelow (Guitar).