"Dru Devon", most commonly referred to as "Dru", his previous stage moniker, is an award winning Hip-hop Artist. The art sparks the young artist's ambition and serves as his contribution to society. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Dru Devon's musical journeys started as a young boy, most of which he learned along side producer / engineer / entrepreneur, and uncle, Wade B. At 15 years old, Dru Devon began performing and recording his own tracks.

His talents were widely recognized in the Brooklyn Park area, but it wasn't until his latter days that Dru Devon maintained full focus on his craft. In his teen years Dru competed in many emcee-inspired competitions as well as talent shows where he was crowned in many instances. Despite taking on the hardship of a fatherless home and being raised in a low-income yet loved household, Dru Devon never stopped perfecting his craft.

With support from childhood friends, Dru Devon developed immense wordplay, witty bar structure, and author-like skills allowing him to tell his struggle-some, yet awe-inspiring life stories. Dru Devon continues to illustrate the lives of himself and the peers around him in unimaginable ways through hip-hop. The progression of his skills and network are increasing exponentially.