Dream On Nilsson is a labor of Love project started by Kai Anders, Joshua Parlanti and Kyle O’Brien in the fall of 2015.

In any musical project there is a process of using old skills, developing new ones and harnessing the creativity and emotional energy it takes to reach your goals and aspirations. For us, we wanted a project that would allow us to focus on the role that production plays in a studio setting and not so much on song writing. We wanted to focus on the art of recording and have the freedom to explore new realms of musical pallets. What better way then to use our ambition to pay tribute to the great Harry Nilsson! One of the great recording artists and song writers of our time.

Our goal is to put a new and modern light on some of our favorite Harry Nilsson songs. To put his vision in our hands and, without breaking the the heart and soul of his work, form something that is uniquely our own and with a new breath. We want to show people that his music is not only still relevant in todays world of ever changing musical styles but to share with people how he has touched us on our own paths as creative beings.

There is much that could be said about his influence on music over the last 50 years, but to us it just seems a perfect fit. To make a studio album re-visiting the work of a man who never played a live performance, was known for singing and recording other peoples music, who’s most popular songs where made famous by other artists performing the songs he wrote, and who’s adversity to fame was met equally with an unstoppable passion to express himself in the form of composing and singing music that we can now enjoy everyday.

We hope that what we offer at feet of the fans is something palpable and visceral, something that comes up to meet you with a reinvigorated twinkle in its eye, and perhaps leave you with a bit of Nilsson madness!