"There's something tender, sweet about it all. Like a picnic on the river, or a box of old love letters. The music to the trailer to the movie of your life. And no vocals! They try anything; a glass of water, held by one to another's guitar frets. It's all wondrous. It just goes on and on, floating and melding. They do not crush dreams, they make them possible. And suddenly, they cover O.P.P., not pausing in the tone of the music, just bustin' out the rap over it. " [Vita.mn]


Brian McDonough (Me and My Arrow) - Electric Guitar, Synth, Notes
Shon Troth (Me and My Arrow) - Electric Guitar, Blip Bleeps
Jacob Mullis (Fort Wilson Riot) - Electric Guitar, Noise Makers
Dominic Hanft (St Villain, Hardcore Crayons) - Bass Guitar
Mo McNichols (Me and My Arrow) - Drum Set
Jared Isabella (St Villain, Yer Cronies) - Drum Set
Brock Lammers (Nyteowl) - Synthesizer
Garrett Neal (Usonia) - Synthesizer
Sometimes with guests.