Formed in 2004 in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St Paul, Down Lo ripped through the Midwest and entire United States with their brand of funk- and reggae-infused original music. Through frontman and guitarist Mark Joseph’s lyrics, the band brings a message of appreciation for life and living it with soul and meaning.

The rhythm section of drummer Mike Cini and bassist Ryan Nielsen provide the solid foundation for all of Down Lo’s music, and the crunchy dirty funk that has driven the band’s sound for years. Will Nissen fills the group’s sound with sweeping piano, organ and synth tones and biting saxophone solos. Not limiting themselves to purely funk and reggae styles, Down Lo’s original tracks include blues, bluegrass and jazz influences and delves into hip-hop through many collaborations with Los Angeles-based rapper Deploi.

Playing nearly 900 shows since the band’s inception, Down Lo epitomizes what it is to be a hard-working American band. In the midst of a rigorous touring schedule the band recorded and released their debut album Lead My Way through FS Music Label in 2006, and independently released In Our World in collaboration with Deploi in 2007. Although the group has not toured extensively in recent years, they continue to perform at key venues, festivals and events throughout the Midwest.