Up and coming Dj/Producer/Remixer So Gold (aka David Brewer II) is starting to become a very sought after name in the city of Minneapolis for the past couple of years. Gaining National and Regional recognition from the beginning of 2007. Playing everything from Disco, Electro, Funk, House, Hip-Hop and Indie Rock. He has produced material that has been widely showcased in a number of DJ mixes and also released a very distinct and different sound of Baltimore Club remixes to the likeness of Disco, Indie Rock and Electro music genres. Appropriately named The Remixes EP, it was released to the blogosphere and multiple sites as a free download in Winter of 2008 that featured remixes and additional production to Canadian Electro dual Crystal Castles, French producer The Phantom's Revenge, the rare and underrated Disco group, Lime, and the legendary Disco collective, The Bee Gees. Since the release of this EP, he has gained full support from various music blogs and sites located from the Midwest, New Zealand and London.


He holds a residency on every third Friday night with a collective of DJs who have since Summer of 2009 thrown a successfully running function titled "Wants Vs Needs." This event has been established by local Djs; Anton, Espada, Petey Wheatstraw and So Gold with support from Streetwear and Lifestyle company Vs Social Standard and famed artist/designer Adam Garcia of The Pressure / Nike Sportswear. Presently he has done mixes for Scion A/V, that aired in the month of November 2009 on Chicago Urban House Radio, a monthly internet based channel hosted by legendary artist/musician Roy Davis Jr. In addition, he was along the side of Fool's Golds' Treasure Fingers and Chicago House music Dj/Producer, Bear Who for that pacific installment. As for production, So Gold is working with local bands and musicians for original material and remixes and also collaborative projects with artists ranging from Atlanta, New York, France and the Bay Area.