Hot Roxx made its humble debut as Hot Roxx at the Hex in October of 2006, when it joined the rotation of DJ nights at the Hexagon Bar. Its roots, however, had been firmly planted for over a year prior at Radio K, where Marcus had hosted a specialty show titled, you guessed it, "Hot Roxx," which promised "the best and worst of the 70s and beyond."

In the fall of 2006, Jen approached Marcus with a bold plan to revolutionize the third Monday of every month in Minneapolis, a plan Marcus quickly gobbled up, having wanted to revolutionize the city for months prior. Together, they created Hot Roxx at the Hex, which featured drink specials and the aforementioned mix of the best and worst of the 70s and beyond, including such genres as power pop, garage, country, and psych rock.

Over the next three years, Hot Roxx expanded to include guest DJs and live music showcases featuring some of the Twin Cities' greatest bands. Marcus moved on to greener pastures and was replaced by Nick, who later was replaced by Nikki when Nick refused to wear the outfit of Jen’s choosing. Nikki too left Hot Roxx to have a husband and child (as 70s rock was not enough of a family for her), and today Hot Roxx endures as an occasional progenitor of good times and theme concerts featuring Jen and sometimes Marcus.