Espada (aka Damien Vasquez) has been a mainstay in the Twin Cities DJ community for over 10 years. He came up with some of the Twin Cities most notable hiphop artists including Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Eyedea & Abilities and was one of the original DJs of RSE Radio. He's been a part of some of Minneapolis' most successful and respected hip hop nights at The Loring Pasta Bar, Rhymesayers' "Essential Elements" and "Let's Get Electric" with Mike the 2600 King.

2009 saw Espada looking to branch outside of the Twin Cities but also re-evaluate his place within his own community. Teaming up with three Minneapolis based DJs and designer Adam Garcia of the Pressure, Wants Vs Needs was born. Espada brings an eclectic deep cut mix of funk, soul, disco to the table while maintaining what is relevant in music today. Having performed for crowds in not only the Twin Cities he's also performed in Austin, Chicago, Portland, Milwaukee, Winnipeg and played the SXSW Music Conference as well as Rhymesayers' Soundset Festival.