Benjamin "Czu" Galindo is a producer/Dj hailing out of Minneapolis that's devoted to helping people reach a level of higher consciousness through music. CZU is committed to a high energy, unique experience. Dedicated to providing a superior performance that will leave the crowd on its toes and waiting for more. Knowing that success is based off of crowd acceptance, I pride myself in bringing the people to the dance floor and keeping them there.

Now 7 years into the scene, CZU started from the ground up and continues to make move to the top. From DJing in packed basement every weekend, CZU moved on to bigger and better things. After taking a residency position at a local Waukesha bar, and playing many local events, went on to take the stage with such acts as James Patrick, Etones, Leon J, Designer Drugs, Dirty Talk, Von, Swammp Cat, Foil and may more.