Dory Kahalé is a highly active music producer and DJ/Turntablist with 14 monikers and over 50 record releases spanning over two decades in multiple genres.

Known to most as Dirty McKenzie (DJ Apollo & Ralph Laurenn if you're a 90's kid), Kahalé was an immigrant born in Beirut Lebanon, grew up in Berlin Germany, settled in Atlanta Georgia, and finally established a permanent home in Minneapolis Minnesota in the late 80's. He started his label Bass United Recordings in 2011 but released his first creations on vinyl during the pioneering rave days of the nineties, most of which are now widely considered classics under his DJ Apollo alias. Kahalé is heralded by his industry peers as an artist who - in the truest of underground music fashion - has many known and unknown faces.

Kahalé is a vinyl DJ at heart and performs using the latest (and ever-changing) technology in DJ equipment. By day he is a Music Supervisor at his own music supervision company and a DJ and Turntablist Instructor at various DJ schools in Minneapolis. Locally, he is many established DJs' first influential model and widely considered to be a “DJ’s DJ”. City Pages Magazine's Editors awarded him "Best Club DJ" in 2005 and, after many regular appearances, First Avenue gave him his own star on the wall in 2001 (as DJ Apollo).